Press Release: NNNG Press response to NCEPOD “A mixed bag”

By on June 25th, 2010

NNNG Press response to NCEPOD “A mixed bag”

Liz Evans, Chair of the NNNG states:

“This report* provides us with the evidence that Parenteral Nutrition in some cases is being delivered to both paediatric and adult patients in an unsafe manner. The NNNG, like BAPEN and NICE** have for many years supported the development of Nutrition Teams in being able to ensure safe and effective multi disciplinary nutrition support is delivered both within the hospital and community. The* findings of this report advocate the need for parenteral nutrition to be delivered within the team framework, of which Nutrition Nurse Specialists form an integral part. The NNNG has recently published competencies*** linked to the knowledge and skills framework relating to the safety and care delivered surrounding enteral and parenteral nutrition.This competency framework*** supports the patient’s journey relating to parenteral nutrition and compliments some of the recommendations of the NCEPOD report*.


* NCEPOD (2010) “A Mixed Bag”
** NICE (2006) ‘Nutrition support in adults: oral nutrition support, enteral tube feeding and parenteral
*** NNNG (2010) A Competency Framework for Nutrition Nurse Specialists

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