Press Release: NNNG Press response to AGE UK “Still hungry to be heard”

By on August 30th, 2010

NNNG WELCOMES THE AGE UK REPORT PUBLISHED 30th August 2010, “Still hungry to be heard”

Liz Evans, Chair of the NNNG states:

“The NNNG welcomes the Age UK (2010)* report, still hungry to be heard which revisits their previous report of 2006**. Whilst we acknowledge that nutritional care in hospitals can always be improved, we believe that many Hospital Trusts have made significant improvements since 2006. There has been a growth in Hospital Trust’s appointing Nutrition Nurses. These Specialist Nurses have helped in assisting the development and implementation of policies and procedures which encompass many of the recommendations made by Age UK.

Whilst malnutrition should be recognised and treated in Hospital patients, we must remember that 1 in 3 patients admitted to Hospital are malnourished (BAPEN, 2009)***. We believe that strategies within primary care should be put in place to tackle the problem of malnutrition before it reaches the levels we have seen in our hospitalised patients, when the problem can often be more difficult to treat. The NNNG would like to see a partnership approach between primary, secondary and social care agencies in tackling malnutrition of any group that needs support’’.


*AGE UK (2010) Still Hungry to be Heard, the scandal of people in later life becoming malnourished in hospital AGE UK London
** AGE Concern (2006) Hungry to be heard, the scandal of malnourished older people in hospital. AGE Concern London
*** BAPEN (2009) Nutrition Screening Survey in the UK, 2008 BAPEN, Redditch

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