URGENT MEMBER NEWS – NNNG Yahoo Discussion Forum Migration to Google Groups

By on April 26th, 2012

Dear Member,

NNNG Yahoo Groups 

It has become increasingly difficult over the past 12 months for members to access the yahoo groups discussion forum. The reasons for this is many employers firewalls will not allow access to the group nor the receiving of messages into the organisations.
As a consequence one of the most popular benefits of your membership has become unavailable to a significant number of our group.
In recent weeks members have found it difficult to change their email delivery on yahoo which has resulted in the loss of more members from the discussion group.
The committee has worked with various members in piloting a new group discussion on ”google groups”. This has been a very successful pilot offering instant benefits to those members, as such the decision has been taken to migrate members from yahoo to google groups.
Yahoo groups will be no longer be active from 02.00hrs on Friday 27th April 2012.
You will receive an invitation to join ‘google groups’
If you wish to join, click the link in the email  (if you do not wish to receive emails from the group, please DELETE the email)
Once you have clicked the link, close the browser and to start sending messages just use your own email and the address [email protected]
You do not require a google account to access this service just send messages using [email protected] and they will be delivered to all members of the group
If you wish to create a google account and login to the group to look over historical messages posted visit http://groups.google.com/group/nnngchat?hl=en
Kind regards
on behalf of the National Nurses Nutrition Group
Communications Officer – Carolyn Best, [email protected]
Secretary – Neil Wilson,  [email protected]