BAPEN Launches Virtual QI Programme

By on March 19th, 2013

March 18th 2013: BAPEN has just unveiled its innovative virtual Quality Improvement Programme which will help address the challenges faced by nutrition and hydration teams in hospitals and care settings.   The programme will provide a forum to bring together members of nutrition and hydration teams to share successes and challenges (best practice) to ultimately improve levels of nutrition and hydration care in the UK.

“Unfortunately the Francis Inquiry Report didn’t highlight anything that we didn’t already know.  Our nutrition and hydration teams face huge issues and challenges and the key will be to find workable strategies to make real change happen.  We believe that this QI programme will provide teams with a valuable way of working together that will be hugely beneficial to all those involved in nutrition and hydration.” Dr Tim Bowling, BAPEN Chair and Consultant in Gastroenterology and Clinical Nutrition


BAPEN has worked tirelessly to raise the awareness of malnutrition particularly through Nutrition Screening Week and the development of the ‘MUST’ assessment. As a result there is an excellent understanding of the prevalence of malnutrition in care settings and a validated method of evaluating an individual’s risk. Good nutrition and hydration care is fundamental and underpins the management of all patients, irrespective of their specific clinical problem. However; delivering excellent nutrition and hydration care remains a challenge in the NHS and was highlighted in the recent Francis report.

BAPEN’s Quality Group is inviting teams to work on nutrition and hydration locally as part of a National collaborative effort; to share their successes and challenges and learn some improvement skills via WebEx meetings. The Quality Improvement Programme launches during Nutrition & Hydration Week (18th – 24th March) and will run throughout the year with the summary of achievement presented at the BAPEN conference in November.

To sign up email the BAPEN office [email protected], providing your name, job title, name of your Trust and your email address. BAPEN will then contact you with dial in details of the series of webexs.

“By working together on different aspects of a problem simultaneously we will be able to learn together; improve care faster; and make real strides to change nutrition and hydration care. I am excited and proud to have this opportunity to make a difference and look forward to being a part of this initiative throughout 2013.” Emma Donaldson, snr trainee in gastroenterology in the Northwest and Quality Improvement research fellow at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

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BAPEN is a charitable association that raises awareness of malnutrition and works to advance the nutritional care of patients and those at risk from malnutrition in the wider community.