Study Day – Reducing the harm caused by misplaced nasogastric feeding tubes

By on May 21st, 2013

Reducing the harm caused by misplaced nasogastric feeding tubes

One day course including lunch – £95

Since 2005, the National Patient Safety Agency has received notification of 21 deaths and 79 cases of harm due to feeding into the lungs through misplaced nasogastric tubes.

This course will be of interest to nurses, dietitians, junior doctors and physiotherapists who want to ensure that they can confidently look after patients receiving nasogastric tube feeding.


  • Develop skills and knowledge to care effectively and safely for patients requiring nasogastric tube feeding. (Competency assessments will need to be completed outside of this study day).
  • Understand the guidance and legal and ethical issues applicable to nasogastric tube feeding.

Course content-

  • Making the decision to commence artificial nutrition support
  • Indications for nasogastric tube feeding.
  • Anatomy and physiology of the nasopharangeal tract, gastrointestinal tract and upper airway.
  • Nasogastric feeding tube placement overview.
  • Administering feeds, fluids and medications via a nasogastric feeding tube.
  • Correct selection of appropriate feeding equipment.
  • Effective documentation.
  • Legal and ethical issues.
  • Practical workshop on nasogastric tube insertion (using manikin).
  • Practical workshop on nasogastric tube management during use (using manikin).

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Lecture Hall Education and Training Centre, Countess of ChesterHospital NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool Road, ChesterCH2 1UL

Date: 29th July 2013

9am – 4pm

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