Enteral Plastics Safety Group Update – September 2014

By on November 2nd, 2014

ISO 80369-3
In 2015 an International Standard (ISO 80369-3) is being introduced that covers
all enteral connectors. Enteral feeding devices** form part of this International
Standard and this statement refers to all enteral feeding devices within the UK.
In order to comply with the International Standard, a new global enteral feeding
device connector design (named ENFit) is planned to be introduced nationwide
from September 2015. ENFit is a unique enteral specific designed connector that
significantly reduces the risk of a misconnection to any other type of medical device.
All leading UK enteral feeding device suppliers have been working together
to implement this international standard. Working in collaboration with the NHS
and respective representatives from all relevant clinical groups, EPSG member
companies will develop and execute a joint communications initiative that
will inform health professionals nationwide, from October 2014 through to the
introduction of ENFit.
It is envisaged that the introduction of ENFit will be carried out over a 6 month
period with a seamless transition that centres around the patient.
Full details regarding this statement, the International Standard and the introduction
of ENFit are available from all EPSG members.

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