NNNG supports PINNT HAN Awareness Week 2017

By on July 29th, 2017

The NNNG proudly supports PINNT Home Artificial Nutrition awareness week 2017. During the week of 7th to 13th August 2017, PINNT undertakes a variety of activities to raise awareness of people living with home artificial nutrition.

What you can do during HAN week

  • Share your story/social media or local newspapers/radio –  your personal experience can inspire or support others. There are variations in all our lives but something you say may strike a chord with someone. Sharing your story may just make a difference to someone else.You can share it on social media, your own Facebook page, PINNT’s Facebook or Twitter page……   and MUCH MORE….

Visit http://pinnt.com/Home-Artificial-Nutrition-Awareness-Weeks/HAN-2017.aspx

PINNT AGM and FUN Day Invitation – Saturday 12th August 2017

Download the fun day flyer

Please note 

  • Registration is essential.
  • It’s not too late to Register now although we are past the ‘final date for registration’.