By on April 26th, 2021

Two key checks.  One safe placement!

That’s the rally cry of the Team at Enteral Access Technologies (E.A.T.), a Liverpool, UK based startup that is planning to introduce its DoubleCHEK™ device in May of this year to help clinicians place naso/oro gastric tubes more safely.  DoubleCHEK combines pH and CO2 indicators in the same device so that clinicians can get an early indication of a tube misplacement in the airway before fully inserting the tube to the NEX or NEX +5 position, and then checking for pH.

As the membership of the National Nurse Nutrition Group (NNNG) already knows, and one can generally conclude from the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch’s (HSIB) report published in December 2020, and BAPEN’s position paper “Time To Put Patient Safety First”, that misplacement and exposure to/misuse of x-ray are dangerous, but unfortunately common problems associated with the insertion and confirmation of naso/oro gastric feeding and decompression tubes.

Proof of this statement can be seen in the persistent annual frequency of NHS NG Tube Never Events (NGTNE) attributed to the misplacement of feeding tubes, and the subsequent delivery of feeds, into the lung:

Data extracted March 2021 from NHS in England at

And while this graphic illustrates the challenges that current technologies (pH) and protocols (inserting to the full pre-measured position, NEX, NEX+5, etc., before checking for tube tip position) have in eliminating NGTNEs, it really does not capture the magnitude of the problem.  Think about it – the NGTNE definition does not include complications such as pneumothorax, or oesophageal placement with aspiration, that can be caused by the misplacement of naso/oro gastric tubes used for decompression, suction, or drainage.  There are at least as many, if not more of these types of tubes inserted throughout the hospital.

The long and the short of it?  It is time for change…. Two key checks.  One Safe placement!

In summary, all of us in the NG Tube “community” are working hard to make the insertion process safer and more effective, and we believe that our DoubleCHEK device can play an important role in achieving those goals

DoubleCHEK will be available for purchase in mid-May through the NHS Supply Chain.  Give us a call at (0) 151 705 3466, or drop us a line at [email protected], to arrange for a demonstration.  In the meantime, visit us at www.enteralaccesstech.com, or

To learn more about DoubleCHEK™.  We look forward to working with you!