New brand, new website, new NNNG

By on July 4th, 2021

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world, NNNG had plans underway to redefine itself.

Our existing brand and website had been in service for almost 5 years, and as we all know, a lot can change in that time.

To start with, we needed a brand refresh…


We didn’t want to lose our “red” identity, but we did want something more friendly, more calming, and more in-tune with what NNNG represents.

Our old identify had served its purpose (here it is one last time for posterity):

The new brand gives NNNG a unique identity, while being symbolic of what we do – we help. We help as individuals, and we help each other as a community.

The logo is made up of a red cross; something that has long been associated with helping others, and that red cross is created using the letters NNNG.

Here’s the new logo in all its glory, along with a small icon version for use when the full logo might be too large

Website & Forum

Along with the logo, you might have noticed that we have a fresh new website!

The new website is designed to be easier to use, easier to navigate, and easier to look at – these will hopefully create a community you’ll want to be part of.

To help build that community we also have a brand new forum. The previous forum had been noted as been difficult to use and hard to navigate, and we wanted to make sure that wouldn’t be an issue this time around.

We think you’ll agree that the new forum (members only) not only looks much nicer, but also has some much needed extra features like “reply-by-email” to make it simpler and more enjoyable to use and take part in conversations.

Make sure to take a good look around the website and forum, and start/join some conversation if you’d like to – we’ll be posting some articles on how to use the website and forum in the coming days.

Welcome to the new NNNG!

If you have any feedback, please be sure to let us know either using the forum, or via [email protected]

If you’re not a member but would like to know more about the benefits of joining NNNG, please see our “Join” page using the link below: