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The NNNG and the Charity Commission

The NNNG applied to be a registered charity soon after it was founded in 1986. The reasons for this are now lost in the mists of time but presumably the fact that many organizations give reduced rates to charities when booking conference venues etc had something to do with it!

The Charity Commission is established by law as the regulator and registrar for charities in England and Wales. All charities with an income of greater than £1000 per annum must register with the Commission. All charities must be set up for the public benefit and must operate within charity law.

The people who run a charity are called the charity trustees and are legally responsible for the overall decision making and management of the charity. In the case of the NNNG the trustees are the members of the Committee. The NNNG are legally obliged to present our accounts to the Charity Commission on an annual basis and also to seek their approval of any major changes to our constitution.

For further information on the Charity Commission, and to view the NNNG’s entry on the register, including our accounts, go to Charity Commission Website.