Get your course listed on the NNNG website

This page provides details of how to get your course listed under “Non-Accredited Courses” on the NNNG website.

If you are looking to get your course officially Accredited by the NNNG then please refer to the page on NNNG Accreditation.

How to get your course listed.

Step 1: Firstly we ask you to pay the £25 administration fee. This covers the cost of a Committee Member reviewing the details of your course and getting the web page updated.

Step 2: The next thing we ask you to do is to fill out the form that provides us with the necessary details of the course, module, workshop or study day that you would like to have listed on the NNNG website.

Should there be any problems with listing your course the NNNG Committee Secretary will get in touch.

Step 1

Please pay the £25 administration charge. We will collect this via PayPal’s secure website.

You must click the link to return to the NNNG website. Step 2 can only be completed by returning to the NNNG website via that link.