Chanice Bloomfield

Specialist Nurse in Nutrition Support

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I am a Specialist Nurse in Nutrition Support at Southampton General Hospital.

I originally completed a BSc in Psychology with Counselling and from there worked as a healthcare assistant in order to further fund my development as a psychologist. However, this is where I developed a love for nursing, having never even considered this as a possibility, and felt it would utilise my first degree well and therefore trained at University of Southampton in nursing.

Alongside completing my degree in Adult Nursing, at my heaviest I weighed 199lbs and the realisation of the risks this carried dawned on me during my study. The turning point for me was when I couldn’t lift myself into a boat from the river and had three people help me! This is where my original interest of nutrition originated. I started working with a nutritionist and personal trainer to lose the weight in a healthy way and to try and reduce the risks associated with it. This is where I first learnt the basics of nutrition.

Once I completed my Adult Nursing degree, I started my career in Acute Medicine and after a few years moved on to Gastroenterology as a trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner. I was lucky enough that before I commenced this role, I was able to travel to Thailand and spent 6 weeks at a Thai boxing training camp that promoted fitness and good nutrition. When I started working with the gastroenterology team, my passion for nutrition developed further. I realised how lucky I was to be in control of my own nutrition and wanted to support those who weren’t so fortunate. It was during my time in Gastroenterology that I applied to become an NNNG committee member. I wanted to be involved in promoting the importance of nutrition and developing my expertise in the area with likeminded individuals.

During my time in Gastroenterology, the role of Specialist Nurse in Nutrition Support became available and I was successful in my application. I am now working as a Specialist Nurse within the field of Nutrition and alongside this am progressing through my third degree of Advanced Clinical Nursing. I am looking forward to the future prospects of this specialist role and bringing the importance of nutrition to the forefront of Nursing.